Wisconsin System Integration Glossary

Milwaukee Integrated Solutions: Key Terms

Integrated Building Systems is dedicated to educating the public about Wisconsin renewable energy solutions. Below is a list of key terms which are presented here to assist in clarification of the products, services and systems we provide. Learn about sustainable energy and our intelligent integration systems below. Then check out our Milwaukee integration installation videos for a more thorough understanding of the energy-efficient solutions we provide.

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Aqua Air Systems

A wet/dry central vacuum system, which sweeps, mops and dries hard surfaces simultaneously.

AV Integration

Also known as Audio-Visual Integration, this encompasses the connecting of visuals (projection screens, televisions, monitors, etc.) with audio systems (speakers, microphones, etc.) for a cohesive audio-visual experience at home or in a corporate setting.

Photovoltaic Solar Panels

Also known as Solar PV Panels, these panels use photovoltaic cells to produce an electrical charge, which converts sunlight into electricity.

Renewable Energy

Also referred to as Sustainable Energy, Clean Energy or Green Energy, uses natural atmospheric elements (wind, rain, sunlight, waves, etc.) to generate heat or electricity. This technology reduces greenhouse gases, energy consumption, and dependence on foreign oil.

Solar Air Heat

A renewable energy heating solution, which employs the sun’s energy to preheat ventilation air systems to reduce heating fuel consumption.

Solar Pool Heating

Harnesses the sun’s energy with solar panels to heat in-ground or above-ground pools to reduce heating costs.

Solar Thermal

Also known as Solar Water Heating, this green technology utilizes the sun’s energy to heat water.