Solar Panel Installation for Residential & Commerical Customers in Milwaukee & Area

Making Solar Power and Co-Generation Systems Affordable

Producing your own power is not a dream of the future but a reality of today.  With advances in technology we can now lower your electric bill considerably or completely.  How by using the power of the Sun you too can have a solar power energy system that will offset your current energy usage during the day when energy rates are at their highest.  If you have average to good credit you WILL qualify for one of many available leasing or financing options.  Why keep sending all your hard earned money tothe Utility.  There is no return on your monthly investment ever.  All the benefit is long gone and you are no further ahead.  Now if you were to allocate the same amount of money each month, and many times considerably less, towards a Solar lease or loan at least your money will be spent on equipment that you will eventually own and that can be put to good use for years after the system has been paid for. Also there are Tax Credits, Depreciation, and other local incentives you may qualify for that can even lower your system overall cost. 

Or if you are a large energy consumer you might want to consider having a Co-Generation system installed that can eliminate all the on demand power spikes you are being penalized for each month.  Or you may decide that enough is enough and you want to become energy independent.  In this case we have Co-Generation systems available that can be sized to completely provide all your electrical power needs.  The cost in many cases to produce a kilowatt of electricity from a Co-Generation system is much less than current Utility rates being paid for the same kilowatt of electricity. There are additional advantages to producing your own power this way.

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Wisconsin Solar Energy Solutions

Wisconsin solar energy has finally become an affordable reality. Concentrated solar power has proven to be an exceptional way to reduce commercial and residential energy costs, reduce harmful environmental impacts (carbon footprint) and enables you to become virtually independent of utility companies. Sunlight provides an infinite amount of energy which can be harvested to power and heat a variety of systems.

What is Solar Power?

Many people do not fully understand how solar power works or why it is so beneficial. A majority of people do not realize there are multiple kinds of solar power available. Integrated Building Systems is committed to educating our customers on the short-term and long-term advantages of various solar energy systems. We provide you with the most complete solar energy information, enabling you to select the right solar power systems for your home or business. Integrated Building Systems is your premier solar integrator for commercial and residential energy conservation.

Solar Thermal Provides High Efficiency Solar Water Heating Systems in Wisconsin

Sunlight offers a limitless source of energy, which can be employed in homes or businesses to provide a reliable hot water supply by means of solar heating panels. Solar thermal systems utilize the efficiency of solar panels to act as a solar thermal collector. These energy efficient solar panels are engineered to use the sun’s untapped energy to heat water which can be stored it for future use. Solar thermal systems can be employed to efficiently heat water or even homes through a hot water baseboard or other in-floor system. Integrated Building Systems has a highly trained team who specialize in Milwaukee solar panel installation. We can even install solar heating systems large enough to provide solar pool heating to further improve your Wisconsin energy conservation efforts. Learn more by watching our solar water heating systems videos.

Photovoltaic Solar Panels (Solar PV) Delivers Commercial and Residential Solar Power in Milwaukee & Area

Photovoltaic solar panels (Solar PV) are composed of glass, aluminum and silicon wafers, ensuring optimal safety, performance and reliability.  In fact, most of these solar PV panels come with 25-year warranties due to their dependable nature. With enough yard or roof space, these solar PV systems can generate enough electricity to easily power your entire home throughout the year. Installing a backup battery bank and energy conservation efforts allow you to remain independent from the utility company indefinitely. The ability to be autonomous protects you from fluctuating energy costs, as well as outages. When you need to buy solar panels, come to the solar energy experts at Integrated Building Systems for a superior solar power installation.

Solar Air Heat Panels Engineered for Simplicity and Energy Efficiency

Solar air heat panels are engineered to efficiently heat your home or commercial building. These solar energy panels harvest the sun’s unbridled heat within the solar thermal collector. As the panel heats up, a sensor kicks in, opening a motorized damper that triggers the fan motor.  When the fan is activated it pulls cold air from within the home or building into the unit, heats it up and redistributes it through the heating ducts. Due to our strategic placement of solar panels, the solar air heating system will not kick in during the hot summer months. Instead, the solar heating system will act as an insulator against the sun’s rays, serving as a virtual solar powered air conditioner.

Solar Power Installation from IBS Combines Quality and Affordability

Most solar panel companies are profit driven and determine the cost of Wisconsin solar panel installation based on how much they think you’ll shell out. Integrated Building Systems is different. We believe in making the world a better and safer place by improving Wisconsin one solar project at a time. We seek to improve the environment while reducing your energy costs and providing you with independence from the insatiable utility companies. Integrated Building Systems specializes in all kinds of solar power installation but we always give you the fairest price to make it an affordable investment which will last a lifetime.

Contact our Wisconsin solar energy installation team today to learn how we can drastically increase your home’s efficiency through the power of the sun.