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With the ever-growing threat of home invasions, domestic dispute cases, school shootings, store break-ins and deadly work rampages, it is not surprising to see the monumental surge in security system sales. Today’s modern security cameras provide 24 hour live and recorded indoor and outdoor monitoring. The simple visual presence of a security camera system deters criminals from entering your home, school or place of business. Whether you want to keep an eye on the new nanny, a suspicious employee or protect your home or business from criminal activity, Integrated Building Systems provides the best security camera systems to ensure optimal safety and peace of mind.

Security Cameras and Alarm System Integrated for Optimal Safety

Integrated Building Systems specializes in installing video surveillance cameras in homes, small business, large corporations, schools, churches and public facilities. These security systems are instrumental tools for helping catch criminals and other crooked characters. Whether it’s identifying a license plate or facial recognition, these security systems have zoom, pan, tilt and live recording capabilities to provide optimal safety.

Our cameras also come equipped with remote viewing which enables the user to watch their home or establishment on a phone or computer from any location with a WIFI or internet signal. Some of our surveillance cameras even come with a motion alarm which can be connected to an existing security alarm system. These motion alarms have the ability to audibly warn attempted intruders to stay away, as well as send you a notification text informing you of unwelcomed persons attempting to enter your property. Advanced notification enables you to prepare yourself for a possible intrusion as well as provide better visuals for investigating law enforcement officials.

Wisconsin Security System Installers Deliver Protection and Prevention in Homes, Businesses and Schools

Integrated Building Systems is committed to delivering you with the very best value in standard or high-tech security systems and security system installation. Our security system installers will actively work with you to determine the right security system to match your budget and your security needs.

From home security systems to school security systems, Integrated Building Systems can quickly and easily install your preferred security system without costing you and arm and a leg.

Contact the best video surveillance system installers today and provide priceless protection for your family, student body, employees and your valuable business, home or church assets.